Hi, I’m Katrina. Thanks for stopping by.

I only write and record things that are of significance to me. This isn’t one for the followers. You may notice that this journal is actually difficult to read unless you’re on a laptop. This is my way of place making, you see. This place is a visual catalog of my parsing through time and space.

If you have followed me since 2011, thank you so much for your continued support. Unfortunately, my old entries are not migrated into this journal- which I also find to be liberating, to be honest. I really needed to start anew.

I’ve named this place based on my favorite Beatles’ song: Across the Universe. It’s a good fit for what I’m trying to accomplish here- charting out my thoughts as they wind across the landscape of my mind, sending out messages across the web’s ocean. Thanks for joining me on this ride.

Katrina is a multi-discipline visual artist who completed her BFA in Visual Communications from the University of the Philippines- Diliman, College of Fine Arts. She continued her education at the Savannah College of Art and Design – Hong Kong, where she completed her BFA in Illustration. Currently, she is based in Hong Kong where she pursues her professional career as a concept designer for theme entertainment.